Food Diaries

Our clients love hearing about our food stories & travels all over the world & what we get up to. We've been to Lake Como, Necker Island, NYC, Cannes, Monte Carlo, San Franciso, Dubai & Qatar this year alone. We include some personal travel adventures too. Come join us on our travels

Our article in The Times about how we started & the work we do

Our lovely friend Victoria Stewart, overheard our story in a co-working space and every since has been keen to have this featured. Read about how we…

From Sharing Banquets To Sharing My Home

The concept of sharing is present in both my business & personal life. I have been a “Superhost” for Airbnb. Find out how I became the face of their…

Welcome to Hampstead Social, the blog of The Hampstead Kitchen

The Hampstead Kitchen opens its doors to all our clients & followers. We will be sharing our best selling recipes & sending exclusive invites to food…

The Family Socials - Sharing platters of food around a table together

One regular basis we get asked to cook for weekly family get togethers. Sharing food with family & friends on one table is the best kind of pleasure.

​Jay Rayner samples The Hampstead Kitchen food

We were asked to hold their annual summer social for a charity called The Food Chain to help raise funds. Little did we know one of the patrons would…

Photographers Lunch Session

How do you pick the best photographer for your food? Hmmm just invite a few to sample your food and see who best captures what you are trying to…

Private Cooking Class with ​Anissa Helou - Top Syrian Chef

A unique opportunity to step into Anissa's kitchen to teach me my favourite Syrian & other Levants dishes. I w

A Persian Banquet in my parents hometown of Islamabad, Pakistan

Cooking with produce from another country is always exciting. you never know quite how its going to taste or turn out. I was asked by family & friends…

Our Videos

Take a peek at what we do and how we do it. There will more video showing how to make some of dishes and tips on creating a great dinner party.

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