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One regular basis we get asked to cook for weekly family get togethers. Sharing food with family & friends on one table is the best kind of pleasure.

The Family Socials - Sharing platters of food around a table together

I love creating a themed event for loved ones, we call them family socials. It's a real fun way just the name sets the tone that this is not a standard dinner but an opportunity to social around good food.

We tend to keep the food really simple at these events. Just platters of bread, salads, rice & grilled meats.

We love seeing family enjoy dinner, it's such a great energy to be around. The family that hire us are looking for an informal settings and service but never compromising on the quality & taste of the food.

I grew up having lots of platters of dishes cascaded in the middle of the table and then everyone helping themselves. This is quite normal for most culture where sharing is a part of everyday life. That's why here at The Hampstead Kitchen we decided to focus on foods from the Mediterranean, the Middle East & Persia. We have now introduced a Scandi & Nordic Menu

Why not check out the kinds of foods we like to create. Our Food

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