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The most amazing vegetarian for ever. a beautiful plate of the most interesting little mini bowls of rice, lentil and various vegetarian dishes, alls pisces in their now unique way. This was a private social & a mini masterclass

Gujarati Thali Social - Little bowls of the most amazing vegetarian Food

This was organised by my friend Mani, who is British born but comes from a rich Gujarati background. This thali is completely vegetarian and in my opinion, the best vegetarian food comes from India. They say Gujaratis are the most fussiest when

There is so much variety in these little plates of heavenly curries, each one so unique and simple, it is enough to get anyone excited about and completely satisfied. We love beautiful dishes and we thought this was pretty spectacular. We had lentils, potatoes, red kidney beans, okra, chick peas, rice & lots of other little heavenly bowls.

Not a morsel left on my thali, well you know we have a zero waste policy at The Hampstead Kitchen.

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