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We created a dish from 14 of the middle eastern countries. Egypt, Palestine, Israel, Qatar, Oman, Jordan , Syria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Iran, Bahrain & Lebanon.

A Middle Eastern journey through 14 countries

This was truly a middle eastern journey and was enjoyed by our guests. This appealed to our clients and we now offer this as Middle Eastern wedding Banquet.The setting was arranged on the floor with beautiful carpets and cushions. We like our Socials to have a great ambience, and together with our food and the way we present it, this makes for quite a unique setting - so if this is something you’re interested in, you’ll like coming along to a future one. We serve all our food in platters for you to enjoy in your time, pace and of course portions. This isn't for those people who prefer to sit on a long table and just have a 3 course meal served hence why we call our events social and not supper clubs so that we don't mislead anyone. Our social for people who want immerse in the future of the foods we are serving. Hope to see you at the next one.

Every Social starts with a middle eastern mezze in a relaxed setting. Our client saw these pictures below and we were soon requested to recreate this setting in their home. In fact we have a small wedding for 80 this summer with this same theme. We really love to create our interesting Socials and events for our guests and clients

Marhaba - Welcome to our Bedouin tent- we converted our premises to be a bedouin tent for the evening!

The Mezze from Palestine, Israel, Iran, Egypt & Lebanon

Fresh Zatar bread made fresh in the Hampstead Kitchen

Our guests getting stuck in to the mezze and soaking up the atmosphere.

The menu representing 14 dishes from 14 middle eastern countries

Our Banquet Table - representing, Bahrain, Jordan, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait & Saudia Arabia

Our signature pomegranate & rose inspired by Ariana Bundy

Below is a small flavour of dishes we were able to capture before this greedy lot dived into the dishes…

Suniyat Dijaj - Jordan - Slow cooked chicken pieces in freshly roasted spices

Al Kabsa- Saudi Arabia -Chargrilled lamb with toasted pine nuts

Dukkous (Kuwait) A rich creamy piquant tomato sauce cooked with kuwaiti spices, perfect for rice and meat dishes

Bourgasha - (UAE) - Filo pastry filled with walnuts, honey & orange blossom flower, baked then finished off with a sugar syrup, dusted with pistachio & rose petals

Lets just say there were no leftovers, intact I had to dash to a friends house at 2am as I was ravenous……

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